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  • Sometimes you have to trust your guts...

    We’re in a brand new year now full-fledged. February is upon us and soon the spring will began to unfurl on to the landscape. Are you ready to blossom into any new projects this year?   After quite some time assessing the possibilities for the future, I have decided to pivot into a new direction with Mystic Waters Media. The primary focus of the company will now be the business adoption of, domestic on-boarding process for, and consultation regarding development on the Bitcoin blockchain.   While I have my own positions about this technology and the trajectory it is on,…

  • Retooling Mystic Waters Media

    Mystic Waters Media is approaching 5 years of existence. It's shaped a little differently now than it has been in the past but it actually looks a lot more like it did on Day 1.   Just me, the computer, and the problems we can solve together.   Over these first 5 years I have personally written 500k words, edited another half a million more, turned out 100+ videos, built dozens of websites, and connected with thousands of people. It’s been a learning experience that has helped me to refine which activities and tasks I enjoy devoting myself.   The…

  • A Case Study in Social Media Activity & Website Traffic

    Content marketing is recognized as a powerful tool in today’s business world. Everyone from major corporations to local businesses can use the power of the written word, photographs and video to bring new eyes (and clicks) to their website. These results are demonstrable, in fact. Let us show you… Consider this case study of two businesses: one a chocolate and confectionary shop in a tourist town of New England, the other a medicine clinic in Chicagoland. The two are far apart regarding industry and geography, but they have one thing in common: A consistent and integrated promotional campaign involving both…

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