Mystic Waters Media is approaching 5 years of existence. It's shaped a little differently now than it has been in the past but it actually looks a lot more like it did on Day 1.
Just me, the computer, and the problems we can solve together.
Over these first 5 years I have personally written 500k words, edited another half a million more, turned out 100+ videos, built dozens of websites, and connected with thousands of people. It’s been a learning experience that has helped me to refine which activities and tasks I enjoy devoting myself.
The tools to produce quality content or websites is widely distributed and cheap. It doesn’t seem practical to compete in a race to undercut services that can eliminate human work-time as a factor. Mystic Waters Media will no longer be seeking to create original content for clients. I will continue consulting for existing and new clients.
I'm happy to offer you my time and my ideas, they're the most valuable things I can extend to your efforts. Strategy consultation and analysis are the components of this business I have enjoyed and will focus on exclusively now.
Duneland Innovators and SpeakerCone have been undergoing identity changes. There are more to come!
Time for a new slogan...