We’re in a brand new year now full-fledged. February is upon us and soon the spring will began to unfurl on to the landscape. Are you ready to blossom into any new projects this year?
After quite some time assessing the possibilities for the future, I have decided to pivot into a new direction with Mystic Waters Media. The primary focus of the company will now be the business adoption of, domestic on-boarding process for, and consultation regarding development on the Bitcoin blockchain.
While I have my own positions about this technology and the trajectory it is on, I realize that most people are just curious about how to get involved or the ways it could benefit their existing professional operations.
I want to help!
Sure, I’m relatively new to the industry myself but I hope that my integrity toward legitimate sources of data and information can help us cross the divide together into a fresh economic layer that is still in it’s infancy.
While I won’t actively endorse any perspectives here, tell you want I’m personally doing, or actively push you toward a decisions - I do think my exposure to the industry on an academic level is enough to assist in the decision-making process. It is important that you assess all the options in front of you for your self.
However, there is a lot of opinion floating around out there - many folks just aren’t even sure where to start. Being able to separate the signal from the noise is critical right now as we move forward together into uncharted terrain.
My guess is that you heard of cryptocurrency a long time and ago like me, maybe you even dabbled a little but weren’t ready to pull the trigger because life gets in the way and distracts you from focusing on those little radar blips even though our intuition is telling us to, right? There’s still time to catch up and get involved.
Reach out and let’s see how everything can potentially fit together for you.
I’m not going to make financial advice or even pitch any particular products or services I might be utilizing. However, exposure to the trajectory of the industry over the last 8 months in a increasingly focused manner has brought me to the realization that I have something to offer those that are ready to put a foot into the water.
¡Talk to you soon!
Mystic Waters Media is approaching 5 years of existence. It's shaped a little differently now than it has been in the past but it actually looks a lot more like it did on Day 1.
Just me, the computer, and the problems we can solve together.
Over these first 5 years I have personally written 500k words, edited another half a million more, turned out 100+ videos, built dozens of websites, and connected with thousands of people. It’s been a learning experience that has helped me to refine which activities and tasks I enjoy devoting myself.
The tools to produce quality content or websites is widely distributed and cheap. It doesn’t seem practical to compete in a race to undercut services that can eliminate human work-time as a factor. Mystic Waters Media will no longer be seeking to create original content for clients. I will continue consulting for existing and new clients.
I'm happy to offer you my time and my ideas, they're the most valuable things I can extend to your efforts. Strategy consultation and analysis are the components of this business I have enjoyed and will focus on exclusively now.
Duneland Innovators and SpeakerCone have been undergoing identity changes. There are more to come!
Time for a new slogan...

Content marketing is recognized as a powerful tool in today’s business world. Everyone from major corporations to local businesses can use the power of the written word, photographs and video to bring new eyes (and clicks) to their website.

These results are demonstrable, in fact. Let us show you…

Consider this case study of two businesses: one a chocolate and confectionary shop in a tourist town of New England, the other a medicine clinic in Chicagoland. The two are far apart regarding industry and geography, but they have one thing in common: A consistent and integrated promotional campaign involving both their social media profiles and websites. Both of which are produced and maintained by Mystic Waters Media. 

Prior to the adoption of regular social media campaigns, their brand’s reach - website traffic, audience reached, likes (or other social media interactions) and page visits - was stagnant. After adopting a regular social media schedule with Mystic Waters, however, it was another story entirely.

Mystic Sweets Facebook Insights

As soon as one’s social media outreach started, their page views, likes, and shares rose considerably. Now, nearly 18 months later, their regular views have remained steadily in this high range, increasing incrementally and jumping during major events.

AgeLess Medical Facebook Insights

The second company enlisted the same services with Mystic Waters in October 2015. Almost immediately, page visits and social media interactions of all kinds doubled or even tripled. Additionally, these social media campaigns lead to increased website visitor statistics as well. You can see below the correlation between the activity in the above image and what occurs on their website quite clearly. 

AgeLess Medical Website Stats

What do these results mean? Well, social media is vital today if you want to compete for people’s eyeballs and screen time in the attention economy. Turning it into an effective marketing tool, however, takes more time and work than spontaneously sending a tweet or sharing a post whenever you get around to it.

Generating consistent traffic to your site requires frequent and fresh content. Part of it is simply volume; sending more posts regularly will reach more people than infrequently posting. And while a single post could conceivably be overlooked, it is less likely that a series will be. But beyond sheer volume, regularly posting establishes patterns showing when more users are reached or engaged. Future posts and series can take those patterns into account in scheduling to reach more people, leading to greater visibility and more traffic to your site.

Generating effective posts also takes an understanding of the platforms that are being utilized. Foremost, users should be able to access your site directly from the post. To entice them to click on that link, each post needs to display a concise and engaging message or image. Using keywords (such as Hashtags) can help your posts gain visibility in users’ feeds. Embedding them organically works best to reduce clutter and save space, which can be another factor on certain social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.


We at Mystic Waters have become adept at creating regular social media posts for our clients, so they can focus on running their business. We also develop schedules for our clients’ social media that are proven to increase exposure and traffic. If you’re looking to turn your social media presence into a magnet for more users, contact us.

community social people network relationships
community social people network relationships

Building a brand is not a matter of simply selling your product or service. An effective and long-lasting strategy is to build a loyal following for your brand. Or to put it another way, a community.

Brand community means reaching out and interacting with customers to keep your message at the front of their mind. It’s not an entirely new concept; you probably know someone with a loyalty to a certain carmaker, a certain food or drink, or a certain technology producer. However, it’s possible for any industry player to build an audience.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can give customers incentive to promote your brand. Incentivize your existing community with rewards for bringing in new members.  Or create a promotion where newsletter or social media subscribers get an insider deal. For example, if a member of the community brings in a certain number of users or followers, they get a reward or next-level privilege.


Another way to press the flesh. Meeting and communicating in the physical realm can go a long way to increase and improve the face of your brand, and improve brand awareness and community. Holding promotional events can get your name out, and give you the opportunity to meet and greet with people on the edge of your professional network. Invite existing customers and relationships to bring a guest or client. Making a good impression in person will convince members of your community to share your name through word of mouth.


Your brand can even become part of a person’s identity. In the real world, the first thing you notice about a person is what you see them wearing. It’s a part of their identity that they like that brand, or whatever their clothing advertises (be it a person, organization, artist, or sports team). In the digital realm, things like backgrounds, wallpapers, or other social media elements provide the same opportunity. By producing effects in both the physical and digital spaces, your brand can be a part of their identity, and them part of your brand community.

Every possible tool at your disposal can not only extend your brand’s reach, but also build a brand community of loyal customers. This will, in turn, expand your brand’s reach even further through word-of-mouth. Let’s develop a strategy to help your brand create just such a community.

business media marketing publishing content
business media marketing publishing content

marketing media publishing business contentIn business, media exposure is a wonderful tool to have in your marketing pouch. However, it is often one in which total control rests not with the businessperson, but in the hands of said media producer. They control the message, when (or even if) it is released and for how long it is disseminated.

Fortunately for enterprising persons, they need not rely on outside media for greater exposure in today’s world. Every business-owned channel such as websites or social media acts as a publishing outlet, but with total in-house control.

This is advantageous for several reasons. For one, in-house channels can publish whatever and whenever they choose, whereas an outside source might only publish a piece once or a few times. Also, if an outlet were to cease publishing, all media exposure from that source could be lost, and there could be nothing done about it. In-house media, however, remains in ownership of the business and can be posted or shared at will on any channels.

Control over the message itself is also advantageous, you can be promotional when producing content. While third-party publishers might be rigidly objective or journalistic. Also, while outside media can possibly extend one’s reach, the business itself can do little more than hope it connects with a larger audience. In-house media, however, can interact directly with the audience through social media or comments sections. In doing so, one can develop a strategy through experience to determine what schedule receives the most traffic, and most response.