We’re in a brand new year now full-fledged. February is upon us and soon the spring will began to unfurl on to the landscape. Are you ready to blossom into any new projects this year?
After quite some time assessing the possibilities for the future, I have decided to pivot into a new direction with Mystic Waters Media. The primary focus of the company will now be the business adoption of, domestic on-boarding process for, and consultation regarding development on the Bitcoin blockchain.
While I have my own positions about this technology and the trajectory it is on, I realize that most people are just curious about how to get involved or the ways it could benefit their existing professional operations.
I want to help!
Sure, I’m relatively new to the industry myself but I hope that my integrity toward legitimate sources of data and information can help us cross the divide together into a fresh economic layer that is still in it’s infancy.
While I won’t actively endorse any perspectives here, tell you want I’m personally doing, or actively push you toward a decisions - I do think my exposure to the industry on an academic level is enough to assist in the decision-making process. It is important that you assess all the options in front of you for your self.
However, there is a lot of opinion floating around out there - many folks just aren’t even sure where to start. Being able to separate the signal from the noise is critical right now as we move forward together into uncharted terrain.
My guess is that you heard of cryptocurrency a long time and ago like me, maybe you even dabbled a little but weren’t ready to pull the trigger because life gets in the way and distracts you from focusing on those little radar blips even though our intuition is telling us to, right? There’s still time to catch up and get involved.
Reach out and let’s see how everything can potentially fit together for you.
I’m not going to make financial advice or even pitch any particular products or services I might be utilizing. However, exposure to the trajectory of the industry over the last 8 months in a increasingly focused manner has brought me to the realization that I have something to offer those that are ready to put a foot into the water.
¡Talk to you soon!