web design development maintenance buildHaving a website is essential in today’s business environment. At Mystic Waters Media, we can oversee every element of your site so you can worry about the everyday operation of your business.

You have likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO). In essence it means tailoring your site to have the optimum visibility on search engines. We give your site just that through adding the relevant tags and keywords in both copy, images and meta information.

Newsletters, social media integration, blogging. There’s a lot more to making a website than just a logo and a phone number. We take care of all of it, developing and testing each component of the site and adding in all the content before launch. Once the site is live, we won't leave you to handle things on your own. Code or templates get dated, domain names can expire. modules must be updated for security purposes or due platform updates and functionality.

In addition to regular blogging and making sure that things are working correctly, some businesses require frequent updates at a weekly or even daily, and may require changes to be made on short notice. We offer the service of updating sites frequently, within the timeframe our clients stipulate. We adhere to the schedule as reliably as our regular social media postings, and can make changes quickly to ensure the site is up to date.

Developing a robust website that serves your organization's specific needs can be a valuable resource for on-boarding new clientele or managing large sets of data. Together we can outline a trajectory that helps relieve stress on your employees and makes it easier to get clients the information they need.